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Training support
Training support

We can offer training support in the following areas:-

Business Improvement - A structured introduction on how to begin improving your business and some tools and techniques to help increase bottom line profit.

Innovation and Innovation Strategy implementation.- A "top team" workshop on what innovation is and how to harness the benefits for your business.

Change Management - understanding the process and how to overcome the resistors to change.

Risk Policy development- Risk is present in every business. Risk and profit tend to go hand in hand. Get better at managing them and your profits will increase. We can help you develop a tailored policy and procedures to suit your business culture.

Talent development ; "Learning how to learn." - We offer a "corporate university" style programme that draws the spotlight on how the individuals tick as people. By helping them understand how they "work" they can tailor their actions to play to their strenghts and be far better managers. We will ,of course, teach them useful management tools and techniques along the way.


Case Study:

Service line Sector  
You should not be allowed to manage others unless you can manage yourself; to do that you need to know yourself. – Construction Industry.

Problem Talent was often identified and sent on technical management courses which shaped their skills but not the person inside.
Solution A course was devised which took the potential ‘high flyers’ out of the business for a day per month for a year. The course was facilitated experiential learning about who they are, how they learn, their managerial traits and their strengths and weaknesses.
Outcome A depth of talent pool within the business that is constructively challenging and pushing the business forward. These are now capable young men and women who will take on the business for the next generation. The programme to date has run for nine years.