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Process mapping

Capturing your current process is the first step to understanding how your business is performing. The "as-is" process map can be analysed to identify waste and performance issues and to provide the baseline to measure improvement against when moving on to design the "to-be" process. By using these techniques we can plan and predict the cost savings that we can generate for your business. The process map will also identify the governance gateways required to control your business. BPMconsult will work with you to help  define the way you want to enact the governance which best fits your business culture.                                                                                     

The process map will also identify the  standard procedures, forms & templates  your staff will require to enact the process. We can document these for your intranet or paper operating files, which ever suits.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Case study :

Service line


HR Process                     

Staff recruitment - Construction Industry                                                                                                     


Recruitment costs were unacceptably high with virtually all placements via employment agencies. Whilst the MD’s approved recruits it was custom that virtually anyone could source and interview a candidate. The current volume of recruiting was proving difficult for the HR team to keep control of.



A series of structured interviews defining the “as-is” process was recorded which revealed the areas that were inefficient. A “to-be” lean process was drawn up and discussed with the client. A revised ‘applicant tracking’ software solution was researched and costed to demonstrate the potential benefits achievable. The selection / bidding process was project managed through, pilot test, in house training and full rollout into the business.


£250,000 saving was demonstrated by this introduction of technology and appropriate business governance .