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Lean / Six Sigma analysis

Once the process is captured and measurement data recorded we use Lean and Six Sigma techniques to analyse the process. This indicates where the best opportunities for improvement are and guide the process redesign to increase efficiency and profit.


Case Study

Service line



Materials procurement process – Construction Industry.


Materials buyers’ process was traditionally seen in isolation of the overall process. From that perspective it was fairly efficient for the buying team alone but in terms of the overall process it was far from efficient.


Deploying a series of structured interviews with a cross section of the buying team and their ‘customers ‘up and downstream the “as-is” process was mapped. This revealed rekeying of data and substantial areas of manual manipulation of documentation which, with limited redesign their current software was capable of automating.



The lean “to-be” process was developed and shaped working with the team to capture the best way of incorporating it into the process. IT amendments were developed and trained out to the team. Single data entry was achieved by a management role change. The net saving was £32,000 in value with the transaction tak time reduced by 20%.