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Change Management

Change is always 'uncomfortable' at the best of times so it is of no surprise that resistance is generated.

The key to successful
change is a thorough :-
- Change Management Plan
- Stakeholder Management Strategy
- Communication Plan

This will ensure all involved
get the change embedded in a structured way that the staff can appreciate and support.



Case Study:

Service line Sector
Document Management Document access and standardisation – Construction Industry
Problem There was no consistent standardised documentation which could be reliably located. Consequently staff were recreating templates because it took too long to find the current ‘standard’ copy.

Developed a standard template hierarchy for Policies, Procedures, Guidance & Templates. Process stage workshops were facilitated to capture the current Best Practice content of the documentation. In doing so forming Continual Improvement “circles” to manage the ongoing improvement process.

A communication Navigator was designed to provide web access to all documents. This was piloted and refined to ensure an intuitive solution for all to use. A Change Management Plan was developed and a team put together to manage the rollout implementation.
Outcome This will generate a time saving of £192,000 and provide a framework for Continuous Improvement for future improvement projects.